New Features – August

Hello from London! 🌞

We’ve just finished a bunch of your suggestions to make things easier. As well as some much-overlooked improvements to the browser extensions and web application. Thanks for the feedback and keep finishing things.

1) Colourful sessions

When you save something we group that into a Session. Sessions are handy as they let you know what other things you saved around that time. This wasn’t always super obvious in the UI. Now it is! Each session gets a unique colour to make it easier to spot them 🎨 Colourful sessions

2) Collapsible headers

Weeks can get busy. You can now toggle showing complete or incomplete things when viewing this week 📅 Collapsible headers

3) Quick add via Web

We’ve added a quick way to save links when using the web application. An oversight but it’s there now 🙃 Quick add via Web

4) Dark/Light modes for Browsers

I don’t know about you but I love dark mode. This meant we couldn’t resist making sure your browser’s new tab matched the rest of your system 🌞 or 🌙 Dark mode Light mode

That’s all for now. We hope you’re enjoying using Latervist as much as we’re enjoying building it.